about us

The compositions of temarioto, mostly with lyrics in japanese, are sincere and complex, delicate and bold – full of profound poetry and performed with theatrical presence. The play with words and creative analog sounds and effects creates free spaces, which the two musicians fill spontaneously and obstinately, sometimes filigree interweaving, sometimes surprisingly powerful and unafraid of emotions.

temarioto feel at home in the jazz tradition, where communication and improvisation are central. However, in addition to their research into the traditional music and culture of Japan, Korea, China and Vietnam, they are inspired above all by japanese pop and progressive rock music. The math rock band JYOCHO, for example, is the model here.

The duo met at the HfMT Hamburg, where they attended lectures on asian cultures, art and music together and discovered a unifying fascination for it. They joined forces in 2021 to find, reflect and jointly express their musical language between asian inspiration, western influence and their self-image as jazz musicians. temarioto opens up to life in their music and create a mysterious space of thoughtful reassurance in concert.